About Us

Welcome to the Biomedical Sciences Association (BSA) Website

The Biomedical Sciences Association (BSA) is a student organization that provides various opportunities to explore diverse careers in both human and veterinary medicine related career fields. BSA will provide numerous ways to network with fellow Aggie students who have the same interests as you. In addition, you will have networking opportunities with former Aggies who are currently practicing in the profession.

Research shows that students who are a part of at least one student organization exhibit significantly higher success/ graduation rates than those who are not. You will be an active participant with nearly 900 other BSA members attending community service events, monthly meetings, social events, and much more!

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Instructions for Membership and Paying Dues Online in Marketplace


For NEW Members:  Click here for the 2020-2021 Member T-shirt design!

  1. Access the BSA Membership form here.
  2. Pay your $45.00 membership dues in Marketplace here.
  3. Once in Marketplace, select “BSA Dues w/ shirt”
  4. Select “add to cart.”
  5. Checkout
  6.  You may pickup your t-shirt at the first general meeting by showing a screenshot of the payment confirmation page.

Instructions for joining the BSA List-Serv

  1. Pick which branch of the BSA you are in: Human Medicine or Veterinary Medicine
  2. Email listserv@listserv.tamu.edu. In the body of the email, type “SUBSCRIBE BSA Branch First Name Last Name”. For Human Medicine, type “bsa-humanmed”. For Veterinary Medicine, type “bsa-vetbranch”.

Example: if you are in the Human Medicine branch: Type “SUBSCRIBE bsa-humanmed First Name Last Name” in the body of the email.

Executive Officers – Fall 2020/ Spring 2021

PresidentBlake Tuckertamubsapres@gmail.com
Executive Vice PresidentKara Suttontamubsavp@gmail.com
TreasurerFaith Olsontamubsatreasurer@gmail.com
Community Service Co- ChairLuke Dotsontamubsapr@gmail.com
Community Service Co- ChairKelly Thomastamubsapr@gmail.com
Secretary Co-ChairElliotte Cannontamubsasec@gmail.com
Secretary Co-ChairAlexander Huynhtamubsasec@gmail.com
Veterinary Medicine Vice PresidentKayleigh Shumakertamubsavetmed@gmail.com
Human Medicine Vice PresidentJulie Salazartamubsahumanmed@gmail.com
University Affairs Co-ChairGarrett Markstamubsasocial@gmail.com
University Affairs Co-ChairKennedy Shallouptamubsasocial@gmail.com
Historian Co-ChairCody Westmorelandtamubsapics@gmail.com
Historian Co-ChairAlishbah Khantamubsapics@gmail.com
Veterinary Medicine General OfficerDeybid Vasqueztamubsavetmedofficer@gmail.com
Veterinary Medicine General OfficerBlake Ochoatamubsavetmedofficer@gmail.com
Veterinary Medicine General OfficerHope Merriamtamubsavetmedofficer@gmail.com
Human Medicine General OfficerElizabeth Lohstrohtamubsahumangen@gmail.com
Human Medicine General OfficerParker Becktamubsahumangen@gmail.com
Human Medicine General OfficerLauren Mooneyhamtamubsahumangen@gmail.com
Human Medicine General OfficerDarrell Quichochotamubsahumangen@gmail.com
Human Medicine General OfficerJustin Chentamubsahumangen@gmail.com
Primary AdvisorMr. Michael Blackmblack@cvm.tamu.edu
Secondary AdvisorMrs. Ebony Carlisleecarlisle@tamu.edu