Active Membership

To remain active in BSA a member must

  1. Attend at least 3 meetings
  2. Earn at least 10 service points
  3. Attain at least 3 social credits (0.5 of which must be from squad socials)

If a BSA member does not complete the minimum BSA requirements for the fall semester, the member will become inactive and must pay a $25 reactivation fee for spring membership. You must submit a membership form when paying your reactivation fee. This fee must be submitted by the first general BSA meeting of the spring semester.

Distinguished Membership

Members may also achieve distinguished member status if they

  1. Attend at least 5 meetings
  2. Earn at least 30 service points (12 of which must be BSA affiliated)
  3. Attain at least 4 social credits(0.5 of which must be from squad socials)

Distinguished members will get recognized at the first meeting of the following semester and gain access to additional opportunities such as a lunch with the dean and an additional social.