BSA Requirements


  • BSA members must attend three (3) BSA meetings throughout the semester. These can be any combination of General, Human Med Branch, Veterinary Med Branch meetings. A maximum of one (1) meeting point can be obtained by attending an ECHO meeting.
  • Meeting dates can be found under the “Meetings” tab

Community Service

  • BSA encourages members to become involved with the community by requiring a minimum of ten (10) BSA sponsored community service points each semester.
  • Members will be required to log their own service points.
  • Detailed outlining of service points can be found under the “Service and Socials” tab


  • BSA members must attain three (3) social points during the semester. At least 1/2 point must come from a squad hangout.

Membership Dues

  • $40 annual dues (plus a small Marketplace processing fee.) (Membership for the academic school year runs fall-summer)
  • New members joining in the Spring semester will pay $20 for the semester
  • Inactive reactivation fee – $20 (plus a small Marketplace processing fee.) (Any member not completing the above membership requirements will be considered inactive for that semester)

Remaining an Active Member

  • BSA members must log their attendance at all meetings and socials to get credit for attending. Members are also responsible for logging their community service points.
  • If a BSA member does not complete the minimum BSA requirements for the fall semester, the member will become inactive and must pay a $20 reactivation fee for spring membership. You must submit a membership form when paying your reactivation fee. This fee must be submitted by the first general BSA meeting of the spring semester.

BSA Constitution

  • To view the BSA Constitution, please click here.