BSA Events

A more detailed description of this semester’s events can be found in the BSA survival guide here!


  • BSA members must attend three (3) BSA meetings throughout the semester. These can be any combination of General, Human Med Branch, Veterinary Med Branch meetings. A maximum of one (1) meeting point can be obtained by attending an ECHO meeting.

Community Service

  • BSA encourages members to become involved with the community by requiring a minimum of ten (10) BSA sponsored community service points each semester.
  • Members will be required to log their own service points.


  • BSA members must attain three (3) social points during the semester. At least 1/2 point must come from a squad hangout.

Profit Shares

  • Each semester there are 3 opportunities for members to visit a local restaurant for a half of a social credit and have a portion of their bill donated to the charities Project CURE and Long Way Home Sanctuary.

Skills Workshops

  • Throughout each semester we will offer several opportunities for BSA members to attend workshops led by qualified instructors that will help build skills that are useful at every stage of their academic journey. More details can be found in the BSA survival guide here!

Health Certifications

  • Starting this semester, BSA will offer multiple events throughout the academic year to help members gain certifications in CPR and First Aid. More details can be found in the BSA survival guide here!