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Internal Medicine

Evaluation of Exenatide ER (Bydureon) on the duration of diabetic remisison in cats

TitleEvaluation of Exenatide ER (Bydureon) on the duration of diabetic remisison in cats
Contact Person Audrey Cook, Dip ACVIM (Internal Medicine); Dip ABVP (Feline Practice)
Hospital Phone: 979-845-2351
Species Cats
Inclusion Criteria and General Background Information

Cats with a recent history (4-12 weeks) of diabetic remission.

Remission is defined as a blood glucose <200 mg/dl for >2 weeks without insulin administration.

Exclusion Criteria Cats with severe concurrent disease(s) are not eligible for this trial.
Owner Commitments

Cats will be examined at the hospital once a month and given either Exenatide ER or placebo by subcutaneous injection. Trial duration is 12 months or the recurrence of diabetes mellitus (which ever is sooner).

Financial Incentives

There is no cost for participation in this trial.

Cats will receive a full evaluation at the time of enrollment, which will include blood and urine testing. Expenses associated with every examination and all diagnostic testing will be covered by the trial. There is no costs associated with administration of Exenatide or placebo.

There are no financial benefits for participation in this trial.

This trial is currently open!

Study Information