VMBS Digital Screens

The purpose of the VMBS digital screens is to advertise public events or announcements from recognized VMBS organizations or departments, as well as relevant general information from Texas A&M University. With more than 15 digital screens cycling throughout VBEC, TIPS, VERO—and eventually the VMTH—your digital ad is sure to be seen!

CVM Digital Screen Layout

Digital ad space available:

  • Left Square: The digital ad space measures 998 pixels wide by 856 pixels tall.
    • See the digital screen layout image above: The white-lined area is where the digital ads cycle. Red-lined areas are for standard VMBS content and not available to organizations and departments.
  • Static images should be submitted in JPG format at a resolution of 72 dpi.
  • Images not designed to screen specifications will NOT be approved.
  • PowerPoint templates for various VMBS departmental seminar series and graduate student degree defenses are available at the bottom of this web page.
    • Please export your final digital ad as a JPG at 72 dpi for upload with the Digital Ad Reservation Form.
  • VMBS Communications reserves the right to deny material for use on the VMBS Digital Screens, and/or offer to edit or rework content for visual communication and acceptability standards.
    • If you require graphic design assistance to build a digital ad, please allow four business days before you want to reserve the ad space. Design labor charges may apply.
  • Videos may occasionally be accepted. They must be in MP4 format and 30 seconds or less in duration.
    • Close-captioning is required since VMBS digital screens do not accommodate audio.
    • Videos will be centered vertically within the digital ad space if they are not sized according to the dimensions noted above.
    • If you wish to run an acceptable video on the VMBS digital screens, please email screens@tamu.edu directly, instead of submitting the Digital Ad Reservation Form.


  • The complete name of the organization or department must be prominently displayed in the digital ad.
  • Information on the digital ad must be adequate to advertise the event or announcement.
    • For events include the event name, location, date, and time, as well as any other necessary information (costs, registration locations, etc.)
  • Fonts should be easy for viewers to read. A strong sans serif font (such as Moriston, Open Sans, Calibri, Arial, or Helvetica) is recommended.
    • Static digital ads will only be displayed for ~20 seconds at a time; so, limit the amount of text and make it as large as possible.
    • Aggie Fonts: Moriston, Tungsten, Open Sans, and Minion. The Aggie Brand Fonts package is available at no charge through the Texas A&M IT Self Service website.
  • The background of the digital ad image cannot be red or maroon, as red is reserved for emergency communication only and the background of the VMBS digital screens is maroon.
    • Any submitted images with a red or maroon background will be rejected and returned with an explanation.
  • All submissions should be proofread for grammar or spelling errors; while our team can fix minor issues, these errors may result in your request being denied and the image being returned with an explanation. Submissions may also be returned for clarification issues within the text.
  • Digital ads must advertise a public-facing event or announcement sponsored by a recognized VMBS organization or department.
    • Do not submit digital ads to advertise regular meetings of an organization or department. Digital ads should only be for events that people outside of your organization or department are invited to attend.
  • Advertisement of commercial products or services on VMBS digital screens is prohibited.


  • Digital ad reservation requests and images must be submitted at least two business days prior to the requested reservation start date (or four business days prior if graphic design assistance is requested), and no more than one month in advance of your event date.
  • The maximum duration for a digital ad is five consecutive business days.
    • If space permits, additional dates may be requested and approved by resubmitting a request on the last day of your reservation.
  • A maximum of two digital ads per organization or department will be displayed on the VMBS digital screens at any one time.
  • Reservations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, pending approval.
  • Only one digital ad per event or announcement will be approved.
  • Cancellations must be received two days prior to the beginning of your request start date.
    • Failure to cancel a reservation by the requested timeframe will result in loss of future privileges to make reservations.

Special Circumstances:

  • If you require graphic design assistance, have an acceptable video, or wish to work with VMBS Communications for special-event-only or department-only digital screen content, please email screens@tamu.edu directly instead of filling out the Digital Ad Reservation Form.

VMBS Digital Ad Templates