The following is a list of validated immunohistochemical stains that the CVMBS Histology Laboratory provides:

ACTH Pancytokeratin MUM-1
a-Fetoprotein CK 7 Muscle specific actin
c-kit Desmin Myoglobin D-1
Calcitonin Factor VIII Myoglobin
Canine distemper virus FIPV Neuron specific enolase
Canine parvovirus Gastrin Olig2
CD3 GFAP Papillomavirus
CD11d Glucagon Parathyroid hormone
CD18 Hepatocyte PCNA
CD20 Iba-1 PNL-2
CD31 a-Inhibin Thyroglobulin
CD34 Insulin Thyroid transcription factor (TTF-1)
CD45 Ki-67 TRP-1
CD79a Lambda light chains TRP-2
CD117 MAC 387 Tyrosine hydroxylase
Chromogranin A  Melan A

* Immunofluorescence and antibody validation for IHC not listed are available upon request. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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