DeBakey Scholars Program

The Michael E. DeBakey Institute announces the inauguration of the DeBakey Scholars Program for graduate studies in cardiovascular sciences leading to the Ph.D. or D.V.M/Ph.D. This program provides unique opportunities to train with interdisciplinary research faculty with expertise in the cardiac and vascular sciences, from molecular/cellular to organ/animal levels, with a common focus on cardiovascular pathophysiology. The goal of this program is to provide predoctoral and postdoctoral students with outstanding interdisciplinary training in research techniques and skills enabling them to develop successful independent research careers. The training program includes graduate-level course work, seminars, and extensive research experience in multiple laboratories. Areas of faculty research interest include:

  • biomedical engineering: cardiopulmonary bypass, hemodynamics, stenting and restenosis, cardiovascular modeling
  • cardiovascular and endocrine control systems: in the adult and fetus
  • vascular physiology and pharmacology: genomic and nongenomic effects of gonadal steroid hormones, adaptation to hypertension
  • lymphatic function and interstitial fluid balance: edema formation and resolution

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