Texas A&M Persian Ringworm Study

Colorful Cat Dematopathology Specialty ServiceThis study is led by veterinarians at the Texas A&M Dermatopathology Specialty Service to investigate why Persian cats get chronic and severe forms of ringworm more often than other breeds. Our goal is to search for a genetic mutation associated with the disease. If found, Persian cats could potentially be screened for the mutation. In addition, identifying a mutation could help explain how and why Persians are affected by ringworm differently than other breeds.

For this study, a kit can be shipped to owners/breeders or veterinarians for collection of swabs and a toothbrush of fur from your Persian. See below for study requirements and the Kit Request Form.

All participating cat and owner information will be kept strictly confidential.

Eligible Persian Cats:

  • Must be at least 1 year old
  • Must have a veterinary diagnosis of ringworm at any point in their lives (past or present)
    • NOTE: We are interested in Persians who have had ringworm only once in the past and recovered completely in addition to Persians that have experienced long-standing or severe disease.

Who Can Request a Kit?

Either veterinarians or owners/breeders may request kits and submit samples for this study. While ringworm can often be recognized by owners and breeders, proof of a veterinary diagnosis of ringworm will be required if sampling is not performed by a veterinarian.

The best option for owners/breeders is to provide your veterinarian’s contact information in the Kit Request Form below so that we may contact your vet directly, discuss the study, and ship them the kit. We will inform you once the kit has been shipped to your vet, and you may then make an appointment to have your vet perform the sampling. If you would like to perform the sampling yourself, please see the Kit Request Form for additional information on how to provide proof of a veterinary diagnosis so that the kit may be shipped directly to you.

What Will Be Collected?

  • Documents:
    • Proof of veterinary diagnosis of ringworm (if sampling not performed by a veterinarian)
    • History form
    • Consent form
  • 2 cheek swabs (demonstration video here)
  • 2 skin swabs (demonstration video here)
  • 1 toothbrush of fur
  • 2 environmental swabs of Persian’s home environment


For eligible cats, the study will pay for the following item on receipt of all samples and completed forms:

  • Ringworm culture (DTM) performed on toothbrush sample  – 21 day turnaround time
  • $25 Target gift card for the owner of the cat (and veterinarian, if involved in the sampling process)
    • Gift cards will be mailed within 1 week of receiving samples

Kit Request Form – For Owners

Kit Request Form – For Veterinarians

If you are interested in enrolling one or more cats (maximum of 2 cats per household), please click on and complete the appropriate kit request form. The study team will ship the kit(s) to you within 1 week. Kits include instructions for collecting all the components listed above and a pre-labeled/pre-paid FedEx return package. We will halt enrollment for the study on March 1st, 2019.

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact the study team at PersianProject@cvm.tamu.edu

This study is funded by the Winn Feline Foundation.