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Linda L Logan



Phone: (979) 458-5716

Office: Other 317J VENI

Mailstop: 4461

Department: VTPB

Photo of Logan, Linda


CVM Director of International Programs. Seeking new global opportunity for faculty and students. Experience with regulatory medicine at state, federal and international level. Organized animal health strategic planning for countries in conflict and capacity building workshops and training for developing countries for trans-boundary diseases diagnostics and surveillance, biosecurity and preparedness.

Scholarly Interests

I have had a longstanding interest in tropical diseases of livestock. Trans-boundry diseases, vector-borne diseases and blood borne parasites have been the areas in which I have had the greatest research interest and experience. My interests more recently have focused on regulatory medicine, international livestock disease control and international agricultural trade. I have worked collaboratively with international organizations to build stronger laboratory and epi-surveillance capacity building for livestock and zoonotic diseases in Africa and the Middle East and Central Asia.

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