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Robert S Chapkin

Distinguished Professor - Joint Appointment


Phone: (979) 845-0419

Mailstop: 2253

Department: VIBS

Photo of Chapkin, Robert

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Robert S. Chapkin, Distinguished Professor is an expert in dietary/microbial modulators related to prevention of cancer and chronic inflammatory diseases. He has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the past 27 years, having published over 240 peer reviewed papers. Recently, he was awarded a National Cancer Institute R35 Outstanding Investigator Grant (2016 - 2023). This very prestigious award is given to an exceptional and long-established cancer researcher who has been continuously funded by the NIH. To date only 43 investigators across the U.S.A. have received this recognition. The award will fund Dr. Chapkin’s cancer research program for the next 7 years for a total of $6,202,207. This research will break new ground in cancer prevention. Specifically, the overall goal is to better understand how intestinal epithelial cells respond to exogenous (diet-derived natural products) and endogenous (gut microbial) derived bioactive agents to reduce colon cancer risk. The lab’s novel research objectives include: 1. Determining the role of Arylhydrocarbon Receptor (AhR) ligands as modulators of colon stem cell homeostasis and malignant transformation. 2. Utilize novel complementary model systems to screen natural products/ therapeutics, e.g., Membrane Targeted Dietary Bioactives (MTDB’s), with regard to their ability to antagonize cancer-causing protein clustering and downstream signaling.

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