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Don A Hulse

Veterinarian (Surgeon)


Phone: (979) 845-2351

Mailstop: 4474

Department: VSCS

Photo of Hulse, Don


  • Diplomate , American College of Veterinary Sciences 1977
  • Residency , Kansas State University 1973
  • D.V.M. , Texas A&M University 1970
  • B.S. , Texas A&M University 1968

Scholarly Interests

Comparative orthopedics; biodegradable implants; biomechanics of fracture fixation


MIPO techniques for the humerus in small animals.
Hulse D
Vet Clin North Am Small Anim Pract. 2012 42(5):975-82.
Second look arthroscopic findings after tibial plateau leveling osteotomy.
Hulse D, Beale B, Kerwin S
Vet Surg. 2010 39(3):350-4.
Reduction in plate strain by addition of an intramedullary pin.
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Fossum TW, Hulse DA
Semin Vet Med Surg (Small Anim). 1992 7(1):85-97.
Use of orthopedic markers for quantitative determination of proximal radial and ulnar growth in foals.
Smith BL, Auer JA, Taylor TS, Hulse DS, Longnecker MT
Am J Vet Res. 1991 52(9):1456-60.
Radionuclide, radiographic, and histomorphometric evaluation of healing of surgically created subchondral defects in equine bone.
Rose PL, Hightower D, Auer JA, Hulse D, Schenk RK
Am J Physiol Imaging. 1987 2(3):105-9.

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