CVMBS Civitas Community Storytelling: Creating community one story at a time.

Well-documented benefits of community storytelling include:

  • feelings of relaxation and well-being,
  • beneficial mental stimulation,
  • positive social bonds,
  • more cognitive connections, 
  • increased emotional associations,
  • and it’s fun!

If you’re interested in telling a story, your story must:

  • be your own story
  • be true—no fiction!
  • have a beginning, middle, and end.
  • be told (not read from notes).
  • relate meaningfully to the theme.
  • not be a stand-up routine, rant, or essay.

Upcoming Storytelling Event

Strangers In A Strange Land

Please join us for our second storytelling event on Tuesday, Mar. 23, via Zoom. The theme is “Strangers in A Strange Land” and is sponsored by C-IDEA and the Student Wellness Committee. We’re seeking eight storytellers from the CVMBS Community of students, staff, and faculty. The Student Wellness Committee will be giving gift cards to all student speakers selected to share at the event!


+ Storytelling Event #1: Haunted (Oct. 23, 2020)