Diversity & Inclusion Reflection | April 2022


How Online Gaming Can Possibly Help Mental Health, CEHD Researcher Finds | Texas A&M University, College of Education & Human Development

With the rise of technology and lack of in-person interaction due to the COVID-19 virus, people have started to search for personal connections through video game online networks…


Improving your Diversity IQ | Doug Melville | TEDxSyracuseUniversity

Doug’s “Improving your Diversity IQ” talks about increasing diversity in the world and how diversity is your personal currency. Doug outlines nine alphabetized steps to help improve your diversity IQ.


Discrimination in Veterinary Medicine | Diversity Matters at AAVMC

Sociologist Adilia James, Ph.D., discusses her research on discrimination in the veterinary profession, qualitatively explores the experiences of those in under-represented groups, and sheds light on the realities of veterinarians of color.