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Microaggressions Are Often Misunderstood

One of the best ways to reduce incidents of workplace microaggressions is to first take a step back to soberly confront and dismantle some commonly held myths. Here are five particularly tragic race related microaggression myths that everyone should be aware of.


Culture & Identity: What’s the intent behind a simple question like, “What are you?”

This episode examines what the question “What are you?” really means to journalist Soledad O’Brien, comedian Kate Rigg, and professor Ann Morning. It also examines the history and context of how we perceive and count who belongs to which race. The U.S. may be 2% mixed race, or well over 40%; it all depends on how we choose to count.


Inclusion Catalyst: Inclusive Conversations with Mary-Frances Winters

Mary-Frances Winters talks about her latest work, Inclusive Conversations: Fostering Equity, Empathy, and Belonging across DifferencesInclusive Conversations relates conversational conditions to the current climate and illustrates how to navigate inclusive conversations in uncomfortable or new situations.