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U.S. Military Groundbreakers

Recognizing those who took great strides to diversify the armed forces.


Smithsonian Social Studies Online: Native American Heritage Month

Join the National Museum of American History for an online exploration into key social studies topics, featuring museum resources from the Smithsonian. This episode will focus on Native American Heritage Month.


Dare to Lead: Imposter Syndrome

Dr. Brené Brown talks with Jodi-Ann Burey and Ruchika Tulshyan about imposter syndrome and the articles they have written together on the topic, including “Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome,” which is among the Harvard Business Review’s top 100 most-read articles in history. They talk about the contexts in which imposter syndrome was originally defined, as well as how it continues to be defined and experienced. They also talk about the problematic myths, required masks, and systemic mindsets connected with the term and how they directly work against creating a culture of belonging.