Withdrawal and Deferral Policy

Withdrawal from the professional veterinary medical program is the prerogative of every student. The choice of withdrawal should be considered carefully. If a student who withdraws from the DVM program wishes to reenter the program, they must apply for admission and go through the application process again.

Withdrawal (per Texas Education Code 54.006)

Withdrawal Rates per Texas Education Code 54.006

Deferral from the Professional Program: A student may be allowed to defer from the DVM Program for one year for personal reasons and only with the approval of the Associate Dean for Professional Programs. Approval for deferral may or may not be granted, depending on the timing and reason for the requests. Students will not be allowed a deferral for academic deficiencies. Students may be allowed to defer from the program for mental and physical reasons as long as a medical or health professional has certified that the health condition precludes successful progress in the program. A medical or health professional must certify that the student’s condition has resolved sufficiently to be readmitted into the program. Additionally, students may be allowed to defer with subsequent readmission for other justifiable and documentable reasons if approved by the Associate Dean for Professional Programs.