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Updated February 2017

Follicle aspiration (TVA) / Ovary dissection


Unit price

Search TVA aspirate – no oocytes recovered

$250 per mare

Search TVA aspirate - oocyte recovery, oocyte culture for maturation

$350 per mare

Post-mortem ovary dissection (including oocyte culture for maturation)

$500 per aspirate

Oocyte processing, culture/maturation for immature oocytes recovered by referring veterinarian and shipped to laboratory

$250 per mare



Unit price

Sperm preparation, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

$1250 per ICSI session  (1 or more oocytes)

Processing second sperm type for ICSI in same session


Processing third (or more) sperm type for ICSI in same session

$500 per sperm type

In vitro embryo production/ handling

$500 per transferable embryo

Packaging/consignment/shipping of embryos (ICSI, biopsied, vitrified or warmed)

$150 per shipment

Packaging and shipment of embryos -- per client if more than 1 client’s embryos are shipped in the same package

$75 per mare

Packaging and return of frozen semen/vapor shipper

$60 per shipment (Priority Overnight)

CREDIT For each blastocyst over 3: if more than 3 blastocysts transferred per aspiration for no pregnancy at first check (~14 d)

(-) $500 per blastocyst over 3

ICSI trial for stallion sperm (minimum 20 oocytes injected with subject and control sperm)


Assessment trial of shipped oocytes to establish TVA / oocyte handling protocol – maturation and ICSI, per shipment


Preparing ICSI cuts from one straw of frozen semen (includes handling, cryovials, canes, liquid nitrogen, and transport to and from storage facilty)


Preparing ICSI cuts (each additional straw from the same stallion handled at the same time)

$50 per straw

Biopsy and Vitrification


Unit price

Embryo vitrification

$300 per embryo

Additional embryo vitrified concurrently

$200 per embryo

Embryo micromanipulation for blastocoele collapse (to allow vitrification of embryos >300 μm diameter)

$300 per embryo

Embryo biopsy for genetic diagnosis

$500 per embryo

Packaging and submission of biopsied cells to genetics laboratory

$175 per shipment

Warming of vitrified embryos

$150 per embryo

Additional embryo warmed concurrently

$100 per embryo

Cell culture


Unit price

Processing of tissue for cell culture and cryopreservation – 1 line


Processing additional tissue cell line from same animal for cell culture and cryopreservation


NT trial to determine nuclear status of donor cells, with bovine or equine oocytes – 3 replicates


Surcharges / Discounts


Unit price

After hours receipt of oocytes – placement in culture


After hours receipt of oocytes – placement in culture per mare if more than 1 mare’s oocytes received at the same time

$50 per mare

After hours surcharge for TVA / receipt of ovaries for dissection / tissue for culture / manipulation for ICSI, biopsy, or vitrification


Discount for A&M/AgriLife staff/faculty

20% of total bill

Surcharge if bill paid by credit card


Download PDF Updated january 2017