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Disease Eco-Epidemiology

We research the ecology, evolution, and epidemiology of vector-borne, wildlife, and zoonotic diseases using field-based studies and molecular tools.  By understanding how pathogens are maintained in nature, we aim to identify novel targets for interventions to reduce disease risk to humans, wildlife, and domestic animal populations.

Recent News from the Lab:

  • November 2017 We are thrilled to be awarded funding from American Kennel Club- Canine Health Foundation (Oak Grant) for canine Chagas disease research 2018-2020!
  • October 2017 Press release on the research of Alyssa et al. to document exposure to the Chagas disease parasite in government working dogs along the US-Mexico border, recently published in PLoS NTD.
  • October 2017 Italo was awarded a $1000 travel grant from the CVM Grad Student Organization to support his participation in the upcoming Tropical Medicine and Hygiene meetings!
  • October 2017 Congrats Jillian and the triatomine colony crew for being awarded a National Center for Veterinary Parasitology grant in support of triatomine behavior and transmission experiments!
  • October 2017

    Our Citizen Science kissing bug program is featured in the Fall 2017 CVM Today magazine, pages 12-13.


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