Personal Interests

Louis Armstrong SingingLionell Hampton Playing DrumsJazz Music

I don’t play any instruments, but I like classical jazz,
swing, be-bop, and modern jazz up to the 60s.

It don’t mean a thing,
if it ain’t got that swing.



Modern Art

I even did some oil paintings, like the one on the right.

Picture of His Oil Painting


I read lots of thing, mostly non-fiction(self-help, science, psychology, biographies).


Then, of course, there are the books that I write. My currently available books are described, along with reviews, at my personal web site (  Here are a few of my own books:

Dillos Book Cover
Discovery Processes in Modern Biology Book Cover
Global Peace through the Global University System Book Cover
Science, the brain, and our future book cover
core ideas in neuroscience book cover
Thank you, Brian, for all you remember book cover
animal electroencephalography book cover
brainstem mechanism of behavior book cover
blame game - how to win it book cover