Our Group

Associate Professor

Beiyan Zhou

  • 1990-1994, B.S. – Wuhan University
  • 1996-1999, M. S. – Peking University
  • 1999-2004, Ph.D – Northwestern University
  • 2004-2009, Postdoc – Whitehead Institute/MIT
  • 2009~  Faculty, Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology, CVM, TAMU

Grant Support for our projects

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Courses:  Stem Cell Physiology (VTPP 639/439)
Non-Coding RNAs (VTPP 650/450)

(For more information about these two courses, please contact Dr. Zhou)

Laboratory Technician

Hannah L Crawford

Graduate Students

Richard Cheng-An Chang
Haiqing Wang
Richard Cheng-An Chang Haiqing Wang
Alexander Tseng
Andrew Morin
Alexander Tseng Andrew Morin
Ray Yu-Lieh Lin
Ray Yu-Lieh Lin


Undergraduate Students


Benjanmin Jones
Tyler Brehm

Benjanmin Jones
(Class of 2016), BioChem, TAMU

Tyler Brehm
(Class of 2016), Department of Chemistry, TAMU
Taylor Splawn
Brenda Castillo

Taylor Splawn
(Class 2016) Forensic Science, TAMU

Brenda Castillo
(Class 2017) Biology, TAMU
Regan Puckett

Regan Puckett
(Class of 2017) BIMS, TAMU

Former Members

Duration in the lab
Patali Shikhi Cheruku Biology Aug 2011-May 2014
Joseph “Cody” Stump B.S. BIMS Spring 2013-Spring 2014
Thomas Hunt M.S. BIMS Fall, 2013
Guoqing Zhuang Postdoc Associate April 2010-August 2012
Cong Meng M.S, BIMS/VTPP 2013 Feb 2010-May 2013
Phonevimonh Luangsouphom B.S. BIMS Spring, 2013
Ashley Evans B.S. BIMS Class 2013 Fall 2011- Fall 2012
Lei Shi Visiting Scholar 2011-2012
Gang Wang Graduate Student (Toxicology) 2009-2012
Kassi Montgomery B.S BIMS Class 2010 Spring 2010
Wanghong Liu Visiting Scholar 2014-2015
Srikanth Kanameni M.S  BIMS 2012-2015
Wei “Eddie” Ying Ph.D, 2012-2015
Andrew Chung MD/PhD (Rotation) Summer 2015