Oral Cobalamin Study

Comparison of Oral vs. Subcutaneous Cobalamin Supplementation
in Cats with Cobalamin Deficiency

Inclusion Criteria

  • Cats with
    • Low serum cobalamin concentration (Cats: 98 – 289 ng/L)
    • Normal serum PLI concentration (Cats: ≤ 3.5 µg/L)
  • Patients must not have any severe systemic disease (e.g.; acute kidney disease or neoplasia)


  • Complimentary cobalamin for either oral or injectable administration
  • Complimentary GI panels, complete blood counts, and serum chemistry profiles
  • $50 owner compensation at the first visit and $100 upon completion
  • Free overnight shipping


Enrollment is based on the results of a complete GI panel (i.e., serum concentrations of cobalamin, folate, TLI, and PLI), complete blood count, and serum chemistry profile.

Please contact Dr. Chee-Hoon Chang at chchang@cvm.tamu.edu.