Ultra-low fat diet

Ultra-low Fat Diets for the Management of Chronic Pancreatitis

Nutrition has become a mainstay of our approach to managing a variety of clinical issues. This is especially true when dealing with pancreatitis and many veterinarians have realized the potential of low-fat diets as part of their treatment plan.

This study aims at evaluating the benefits of an ultra low-fat diet specifically engineered to reduce the workload on the chronically inflamed pancreas.

Inclusion Criteria

  • cPLI (≥ 400 µg/L )
  • Triglycerides > 300 mg/dL
  • Absence of renal/ liver/concurrent diseases (affecting cPLI or triglyceride measurement)
  • Currently free from receiving a low-fat diet


  • Complimentary GI panels, serum chemistries & complete blood counts
  • Free overnight shipping
  • Dog food
  • $ 250 owner compensation upon completion


Final enrollment is based on the outcome of a second GI panel, a complete blood count and serum chemistry.
To patient owners considering enrollment, we would like to show our appreciation by supplying our diagnostic tests for free.

For more information contact Dr. Floris Droees at fdroees@cvm.tamu.edu.