Casey’s Good Samaritan Feline Fund


Oftentimes, good Samaritans bring found cats to the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH) that are injured or sick and in dire need of treatment. Casey’s Good Samaritan Feline Fund was set up to help these cats get the care they need so they can ultimately find their forever homes.

One of the first recipients of Casey’s Fund was a rescued kitten who was found stuck in a glue trap and was severely anemic. After receiving specialized care and a blood transfusion at the VMTH, the kitten soon found her forever home. She is now named Blackbird, or Birdie for short, and she went from being acutely ill to full of life, brimming with a kitten’s playful energy. Read Birdie’s full story here.

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Note: If you’re an animal owner who has found this page while looking for support for your sick or injured pet, please contact the Small Animal Teaching Hospital Business Office at 979.845.9026.