Student Scholarships

Student Scholarship AwardOne of the school’s highest priorities is scholarship support for our students, while providing them with an advanced veterinary medical education that utilizes the finest in modern technologies.

Along with these advances also come growing costs. The average debt for a veterinary student at graduation exceeds $60,000. Our students need help to help ease the financial burden.

Class Scholarship Initiative

This program encourages each of the graduating classes to work toward creating an endowed scholarship in their class name. More than 35 classes have already surpassed the $25,000 endowment level. As everyone knows, there is power in numbers, and if everyone gives a small amount, the sum total would be in excess of $1,000,000 and over 50 new scholarship endowments! Many former students have used this vehicle as a way to memorialize classmates when they have passed on, giving to that deceased classmate’s class scholarship fund in their memory.

If you would like to participate, you may send a check payable to the Texas A&M Foundation, designating the particular class scholarship you wish to support. Or, you may call our office and ask for one of the brochures with the pledge form printed inside.
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