PhD and Master’s Thesis


Provide a premier degree program for preparing innovative, globally-competitive and career-ready biomedical scientists who are committed to the improvement of the health and welfare of animal, humans, and the environment and who have skill sets necessary to pursue diverse career paths in academic, public and private sectors.

Program Requirements

Students will be required to complete a set of core courses in addition to the courses outlined in a track of their choice. Each track is geared towards students interested in the field of biomedical sciences to prepare them for careers inĀ  academia, pharmaceutical and private industry, and state and federal research institutions. As a part of their degree, students will need to complete a set of three core courses, one required course for their track, and recommended electives geared towards their track. Students will develop and pursue individually tailored course curricula to provide them with a broad knowledge of biomedical sciences, as well as a focus on areas of relevance to their respective research projects. Below is a summary of each of the track to assist students in deciding on which track to follow during their program.

Core Courses

Core Courses
STAT 651 Statistics in Research 1
VMID 686 Scientific Ethics
VMID 689 Foundations of Biomedical Science Education


Biomedical Genomics and Bioinformatics

Clinical and Translational Sciences

Epidemiology Infection and Immunity

Physiology and Developmental Biology