I am happy to chat with you about opportunities for joining the lab as a volunteer, undergraduate researcher, graduate student, postdoctoral associate, or other position.  Please learn about the work we do and contact me with your interests. Please include your CV and why you think you’d make a great addition to our lab.  The representation of certain groups of people in science differs from their representation in the population at large (NSF, NIH, AAVMC). We wish to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in academia, veterinary medicine, and in our science, education and outreach.  We especially look forward to expanding the team with members of underrepresented race/ethnic groups, those who identify as LGBTQ, have a disability, identify as a woman, first generation college students, those from disadvantaged socio-economic groups, and more.  The VMBS leadership is also working to create an inclusive environment here in our school, and several resources are available for student support. We seek your ideas on how to create a more welcoming and inclusive science team.

Postdoctoral Associate

Prospective postdoctoral associates may write to learn about opportunities.

A postdoc position is available in Avian Health (Hamer Lab and Schubot Center)!

Graduate Students

The degrees that can be earned by my students include the following:

I encourage prospective PhD students to apply for graduate fellowships (for example, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program– deadline in November).  Texas A&M keeps a list of externally-funded graduate fellowships and faculty-nominated fellowships, which may be useful as you plan ahead.  TAMU awards Merit and Diversity Fellowships (applications due in Jan and Feb, respectively) for PhD students who will begin in Fall.  The School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences offers Merit and Diversity Fellowships on a rolling basis for stellar applicants.

Undergraduate Students

Students with the right background, ambitions, and availability may start by volunteering in the lab to learn more about our research and gain some hands-in experiences.  I encourage undergraduates to explore options for enrolling in Research Credit (e.g. 285 or 485), and we can carry out a project over the course of a semester or summer.  The Undergraduate Research Scholars program at TAMU is a two-semester experience that culminates in a written thesis or other project, and I encourage undergraduates to work with me to develop a proposal for this program.

Veterinary, Medical, and Public Health Students

Professional students seeking to supplement their courses or clerkships with research/practicum experiences in the lab and/or field should feel free to contact me.  I am involved as a mentor for the Veterinary Medical Student Research Training Program.