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Cardiovascular Pathology Lab

The Cardiovascular Pathology (CVP) Laboratory at Texas A&M provides pathology laboratory support for Texas A&M and its affiliates. This lab also provides pathology and histology services on a fee-for-service basis to outside investigators and medical device companies.

Because of a commitment to high standards of quality and continual investment in the latest technologies and diagnostic techniques, A&M Cardiovascular Pathology has seen consistent growth since it's inception in 2003, expanding from 3 people to currently 24 full and part-time employees.

The CVP lab at Texas A&M University focuses on the development and utilization of integrative pathology techniques for the evaluation of implantable devices in humans and animals. The CVP lab specializes in cardiovascular devices such as circulatory assist devices, implantable leads, and intravascular stents. TAMU CVP also conducts toxicology studies.



Gross Evaluations Histology XRay and CT

SEM Morphometrics and Nonparametrics Reports