Terms & Conditions

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1. All bids are final.

Bidders are strongly advised to obtain a copy of the appropriate stallion owner/agent breeding contract prior to bidding, to consult with their own advisors as they deem necessary, and to independently verify any information about the stallion. Texas A&M University is not responsible for contracts, websites, or pertinent information regarding stallion seasons (breedings) offered on the auction website.

2. Agreement to Abide by Breeding Contracts.

By placing a bid, the bidder agrees to abide by the terms of the stallion owner/agent breeding contract, and to pay for any fees or charges beyond the breeding fee, including but not limited to booking fees, per day mare care, veterinary expenses, costs associated with frozen or chilled semen shipment, foal registration fees, re-breeding fees, or fees associated with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). Registration of a foal resulting from this breeding is subject to all the established rules and regulations of the stallion’s breed registry. The bidder understands that it is his/her responsibility to obtain and thoroughly read the stallion owner/agent breeding contract prior to placing a bid.

3. Timetable.

Session One bidding opens at noon (CST) on November 30, 2023, and ends at noon (CST) on December 21, 2023. Session Two bidding opens at noon (CST) on January 4, 2024, and ends at noon (CST) on January 18, 2024. Session Three bidding opens at noon (CST) on January 20, 2024, and ends at noon (CST) on February 8, 2024. Winners will be notified within 24 hours of the close of bidding. Bids may not be withdrawn or decreased once placed; therefore, when bidding closes, the highest bidder is responsible for timely payment. Payment in full by an approved method (check or money order made payable to Texas A&M University or by a major credit card via the auction website) is required to be postmarked within 10 days following the close of the session involving the successful bid. Failure to submit payment within this time frame will result in the bid being voided and transferred to the next highest bidder. If no bids were submitted during a given session, the season will be returned to the auction during the next session. The stallion seasons (breedings) being offered are for the 2024 breeding season.

4. Certain states, by state law, may assess a sales tax that will be added to the sales price for horses standing in said states.

5. Refunds.

The bidder understands that if he/she should place a winning bid and the stallion should die, be gelded, be determined unfit for breeding, or be sold prior to breeding the mare, only money paid to Texas A&M University for the auctioned stallion service will be refunded and shall constitute payment in full for any damage that may be incurred by the bidder and/or his/her agent. All seasons are offered on a NO GUARANTEE non-refundable basis except those marked LFG, which are sold LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE, according to the terms of an individual stallion owner/agent breeding contract.

6. Release from liability.

The bidder agrees and acknowledges that there is a danger of accident, injury, sickness, or death involved in the breeding of horses and the attendant care of the mare and foal. The bidder voluntarily assumes all risks of accident, injury, sickness or death to said mare and/or foal and specifically releases Texas A&M University, The Texas A&M University System, and their members, regents, officers, employees, advisors, volunteers, and agents (collectively, “Releasees”) from all liability for any accident, injury, sickness, or death to said mare and/or foal from any cause whatsoever, and specifically waives any and all claims resulting from such accident, injury, sickness, or death, including injuries resulting from the sole, joint, or concurrent negligence, negligence per se, statutory fault, or strict liability of Releasees. I understand this release does not apply to injuries caused by intentional or grossly negligent conduct. I acknowledge that the Releasees seek this release as consideration for the right to participate in the auction so Texas A&M University, an institution of higher education and an agency of the State of Texas, can realize the greatest benefit to the Equine Reproductive Studies programs and provide the programs at the lowest possible cost and to the greatest number of students, rather than expending limited resources on liability insurance.

7. No warranties.

The bidder acknowledges and understands that the Releasees make no warranties either expressed, implied or by any other means of interpretation in connection with this auction. It is expressly understood that the Equine Reproductive Studies programs are acting only as a clearinghouse in providing the Legends Premier Stallion Auction to breeders and that the stallion owner/agent, in turn, has agreed to contribute the purchase price of the stallion season fee to benefit the activities of the Equine Reproductive Studies programs. The Releasees assume no liability for disputes that may arise between the bidders and the stallion owners/agents. The Releasees make no guarantees of conception or delivery of a live foal. Live foal guarantees are subject to the stallion owner/agent breeding contract.

8. Enforcement of Breeding Contract.

The breeding contract will be between the winning bidder and the stallion owner/agent, not Texas A&M University, and Texas A&M University is not responsible for the enforcement of the breeding contract.

9. Mailing Address for Payment.

A check or money order made payable to Texas A&M University should be mailed to the following address: Legends Premier Stallion Auction, 4475 TAMU, College Station, TX 77843-4475. Please indicate “Equine Reproductive Studies Fund” on the memo line of the check. (Payment by a major credit card via the auction website is also acceptable.)

10. Governance.

The terms and conditions of this auction are governed by the laws of the state of Texas.

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