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Tambopata Research Center, Posada Amazonas, and Refugio Amazonas are lodges operated by Rainforest Expeditions. We welcome you to come and visit any time. At TRC and Posada Amazonas there are usually research teams in the lodges year-round. Up at TRC all visitors receive a talk about the macaw research. During the breeding season guests can often accompany researchers to see them climb to the nest and work with the macaw chicks.

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Posada Amazonas is Rainforest Expedition’s first lodge along the Tambopata River, two hours from Puerto Maldonado by bus and boat. It is situated in the territory of the Native Community of Infierno, who’s native inhabitants belong to the Ese Eja ethnicity. The lodge is half owned by the community, with Rainforest Expeditions in charge of logistics and marketing. The lodge has won many prizes as an example of conservation work with communities and is very popular with tourists, being one of the busiest lodges in the area. The lodge has a lot to offer in terms of the interesting relationship with the community: medicinal gardens, shaman experiences and most staff at the lodge come from the community. There are several outstanding wildlife attractions including the largest clay lick on the lower Tambopata River, lakes with endangered Giant Otters, a canopy tower and an abundant primate population. For more information, click on the logo of Posada Amazonas.

Refugio Amazonas Logos
Refugio Amazonas
 is Rainforest Expedition’s newest lodge. Located an hour and a half upriver from Posada Amazonas on private property, it adjoins the Tambopata National Reserve. The lodge has a working agreement with the surrounding community of Condenado and visits are regularly conducted to an interesting local farm, known as a chacra. Attractions include 2 lakes, a mammal clay lick frequented by White-lipped Peccary, tower, extensive trail system, the El Gato River (navigable by white-water canoe), and the not so accessible Gato clay lick. The researcher area is currently being renovated and will reopen in mid 2010. For more information, click on the logo of Refugio Amazonas.

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Tambopata Research Center (TRC) was the first lodge built by Rainforest Expeditions in around 1989. This world famous lodge is in the middle of a 1.4 million ha protected area with no hunting in the area. As a result the animals are quite accoustomed to human presence. Parrot and monkey denisties are high and the site is adjacent to the large and well studied clay lick known as “Colpa Colorado.” For more information, click on the logo of TRC.


Map of three lodges and Tambopata River

The location of the 3 lodges at the Tambopata River