Dean’s Corner | June 2020

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Veterinary Educators Band Together to Support Students

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, veterinary educators around the world
are sharing resources to ensure all veterinary students receive the best online
education possible. At the CVM, the Center for Educational Technologies
is offering many online teaching resources for free.

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a veterinarian wearing a mask leads a horse

Texas A&M LAH Continues to Save Lives During Pandemic

Nadar, a 12-year-old Arabian gelding, came to the Large Animal Hospital with
abdominal pain caused by a small intestinal volvulus. Thanks to teamwork and
quick thinking, his surgery was successful and led to a quick and easy recovery.

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Texas A&M VET in Texas Panhandle for First
Deployment Supporting Human Health

Dr. Wesley Bissett, director of the Veterinary Emergency Team, departed
College Station on May 4 bound for Lubbock to serve as the operations section chief
for the epidemiology unit working to trace how COVID-19 is circulating in the region.

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a smiling male vet studentVeterinary Student
Lives a Life
of Selfless Service

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two male researchers hold a chicken in front of large receptacles of grain in a warehouseCVM Researcher Finds
Chickens, Pigeons
Share Genetic Mutation

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a small dog with books and stuffed animals on a bedStevenson Center
Adapts, Continues
To Care For Residents

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