Book Offering ‘Better Grades, Less Effort’ Released in Paperback

Better Grades, Less Effort Book CoverTexas A&M senior professor of neuroscience William R. Klemm recently released a paperback edition of his e-book, “Better Grades, Less Effort.”

“Better Grades, Less Effort” presents 20 learning and memory tips, as well as an explanation of why and how they work. The tips are clustered into four groups: general principles; classroom and study environment; memory principles and processes; and lifestyles.

Klemm, who teaches in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (CVM) Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences, has spent a lifetime of studying effective learning and memory techniques that he has shared with many hundreds of students.

These ideas helped his own successes in school and college, and he expanded his capabilities as a “memory medic” through his observations of his university students and his own memory research.

“My early memory research showed that lab rats can learn―and remember for many days―in just a single trial,” Klemm said. “Surely, I thought, ‘If lab rats can do this, students can too.”

Klemm and many other researchers at the time identified the key for the rat success, which he shares in the book.

The book concludes with an application section where he explains his learning inventions, “Memory Image Map” and the “One-card Flash Card.”

It is available at Amazon and in bookstores.