Barnes Joins Small Animal Orthopedics Team

Dr. Kate Barnes with a dog
Dr. Kate Barnes

An avid hiker and lover of all things outdoors, Dr. Kate Barnes traveled the United States studying and working in veterinary medicine before making Texas A&M University her home.

A Connecticut native, Barnes attended Ross University before transferring to Oregon to finish her degree. After an internship in Ithaca at Cornell, a residency at Virginia Tech, and working at Louisiana State, Barnes has learned from and worked alongside some of the very best in veterinary medicine.

In February, Barnes decided to make one more move. She now works as clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM).

“I’ve known about Texas A&M and the surgery department here for a long time. The orthopedic unit has a really strong program with a lot of great surgeons,” she said. “I was interested in becoming a part of that and bringing in the experience that I’ve had from other places, and so far, it’s lived up to all of my expectations.”

Currently, Barnes works with Drs. Brian Saunders, Sharon Kerwin, and Laura Peycke in small animal orthopedics. She credits the ortho team for her easy, seamless transition to Texas A&M.

“Everybody on the ortho service team is very open and supportive of each other, and the other services are the same way,” she said. “If we have something that’s a bit unique and we need some input from cardiology or soft tissue surgery, everybody is very open and approachable. You never hear, ‘Oh this isn’t my case; I’m not dealing with it.’ You get the feeling that we’re all in this hospital working together toward the best health care possible for our patients. We are a genuine team.”

“Our group worked for several years to secure another faculty position to support our growing orthopedic service. We had a number of very strong applicants for the position, but Dr. Barnes’ was clearly at the top of the list,” said Saunders, associate professor of orthopedics at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital’s (VMTH) Small Animal Hospital (SAH).

“We were fortunate to successfully recruit and hire her. She has strong interest in arthroscopy, minimally invasive surgery, joint replacement, and limb deformities. She has a passion for our patients, clients, students, and interns/residents, and she’s already jumped in to help with our ongoing and new clinical trials,” he continued. “Dr. Barnes has already integrated with our team. She is a tremendous colleague and an asset to the department and teaching hospital as a whole.”

Because of her experiences with a variety of veterinary colleges, Barnes encourages students to open themselves up to different learning opportunities, whether they be close to home or across the country.

“People do different things at different schools, especially in other parts of the country, so it was really interesting to see how a variety of surgeons, criticalists, and internists manage cases,” Barnes said. “It also gives you a network of people all over the country to contact and go over interesting cases.”

Although starting a new job can be a nerve-wrenching experience, Barnes has felt welcomed by everyone at A&M, and she is happy with her most recent career move.

“I have really enjoyed being here, and I have only been here for a few months, but I feel like I have already settled in and been here for a while,” she said. “The residents are amazing, and the technical staff is unbelievable. It’s so nice to actually enjoy coming to work. It makes the day that much easier.”

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