CVM Academic Adviser Receives Campus-Wide Excellence Award

Michael Black headshot
Michael Black

Michael Black, an academic adviser for the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (CVM) undergraduate biomedical sciences (BIMS) program, has received a 2020 Honoring Excellence Award from the Department of Residence Life in the Texas A&M Division of Student Affairs.

The first Honoring Excellence Award recipient from the CVM, Black was among seven Texas A&M faculty and staff members selected to receive this year’s awards for outstanding support of on-campus students’ academic success.

“Having served at East Mississippi Community College and Mississippi State University for 18 years, I can firmly say that no one does higher education like Texas A&M University,” Black said. “I have been here a little over a year and each day, I am renewed with awe of the quality of our students and the education they receive here at this great university.

“I stand on the shoulders of those who built this amazing experience we call ‘Aggieland.’ It’s an honor to serve and call this place home.”

Michael Black and other BIMS advisers
Michael Black with fellow BIMS advisers

Selection for the award is based on contributions beyond occupational requirements through guidance, leadership, and personal interest to enhance students’ academic experiences. In addition, recipients typically serve as role models, advocate for student issues, recognize the uniqueness of every student, and are committed to students’ wellbeing.

He was nominated for the award by on-campus student residents and selected by the Honoring Excellence Award Selection Committee, which comprises faculty, staff, and students, for his positive impacts on the campus community.

“To be recognized is so special, but to be nominated by students makes this award incredibly meaningful,” Black said. “I want to reflect on my career in higher education knowing that students were cared for and well-served.”

Black was formally recognized and presented with his award at the Honoring Excellence Awards Ceremony on Jan. 31.

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