Pet Talk

a black cat lays next to a brown spaniel

When to be Concerned about Coronavirus with Your Pet

The 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak has been at the front of many health professionals’ minds, especially with the World Health Organization’s recent declaration of the virus as a public health emergency of international concern. Although the threat of the mutated 2019-nCoV strain should be taken seriously, veterinarians at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary […]

Two Veterinary Emergency Team members scan for a microchip in a black puppy.

Hurricanes, Fires, & Tornadoes: How to Protect Your Pets During an Emergency

When faced with an emergency, everyone needs to know how to protect their family, their home, and, let’s not forget, their pets. Our furry friends rely on us to protect them, especially during times of disaster. Dr. Wesley Bissett, an associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences and director […]

An orange and white fluffy cat looks out from a window in a stone and wood building

Barn Cats: Made to Live in the Great Outdoors

Whether your feline friend is curled up next to you on the couch or lives outdoors, cats have a way of making their way into our hearts one way or another. When Dr. Elizabeth Jeter isn’t lecturing in the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, she can be […]

doggy playing within the grass

Hard to Hear: The Facts of Canine Ear Infections

While ear infections are pesky conditions that affect many species, dogs are especially at risk because of the shape of their ear canals. Dr. Lori Teller, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, says that diagnosis and treatment should always be handled by a veterinarian, but dog […]

A male goat peers around a wall in front of a field of grass

Chew on This: Goats as Pets

Though goats are often associated with an agricultural lifestyle, these animals are being kept as pets more and more frequently. The owner of a pet goat benefits from companionship, the potential for milk production, land management by grazing, and more. Dr. Evelyn Mackay, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine […]

Black dog looking up at falling confetti

Resolutions for a Paw-some New Year

The new year is an exciting milestone during which we often check in on our wellbeing and set goals for self-improvement. This year, consider using the holiday as an opportunity to evaluate and improve the health of your furry friend, as well, by including them in your new year’s resolutions. Dr. Christine Rutter, a clinical […]

puppy sitting among wrapped Christmas presents

Tips for a Pet-Safe Howliday Season

It’s the time of year when a festive holiday spirit brings together friends and family in celebration; unfortunately, this happy time can also bring unintentional hazards to your pet’s environment. Luckily, with advance preparation, most risks can be mitigated to ensure that your pet’s holiday experience is as joyful as any human’s! Kit Darling, infection […]

White, black, and brown dog hiding under a red blanket

Emergency Fur-st Aid for Pets

A medical emergency is among the worst nightmares for any pet owner. Even minor injuries can be stressful, especially if they happen far from available medical care or during non-business hours. Though an owner can’t always prevent every ailment in their four legged friend, they can prepare to handle these situations. Dr. Igor Yankin, a […]

Tabby cat face with catnip in foreground

Feline Fine: The Benefits of Catnip

For many cat owners, busting boredom in their feline friend is a sizable concern. Cats are notoriously choosy about their toys, and an under-stimulated cat might result in shredded furniture and shattered knick-knacks. One way owners can capture their cat’s interest is with catnip. Dr. Lori Teller, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M […]

Goldendoodle puppy

(Tur)Keys to a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Feast

Each Thanksgiving, we are brought together through food, community, and tradition to reflect on the year and give thanks. This holiday, pet owners can make sure they are showing appreciation to their furry friends by protecting them from any hazards these festivities may bring. Kit Darling, infection control coordinator at the Texas A&M College of […]