Flippers, Feathers, and Fun for Veterinary Students Visiting SeaWorld

Our veterinary students have been busy lately spreading the word about veterinary medicine. They have presented to 1,992 students and 70 teachers at 12 public schools ¬†on topics such as “Careers in Veterinary Science,” “Human Impact on Wildlife,” “Cell Theory and Taxonomy,” “Comparative Anatomy,” “Life as a Veterinarian,” and “Animal Behavior”. In mid-June, students traveled to San Antonio to present to over 100 high school students and spent the afternoon with a SeaWorld veterinarian.

PEER Student’s Perspective

by Devin Smith, PEER Veterinary Student Leader 2014

This summer, work for the PEER (Partnership for Environmental Education and Rural Health) program has been very busy for our veterinary students. The hours are long, the travel can be exhausting, and the many presentations can leave your throat begging for a lozenge. But the rewards are incredible!

Not only do these veterinary students get to share their passion for veterinary medicine with young students all over Texas to inspire them to pursue careers in science but they also get amazing opportunities to network and hang out with some very neat people.

Just last week, the PEER students traveled to San Antonio to give a presentation for over 100 high school students and got to spend the rest of the afternoon with a SeaWorld veterinarian.

The SeaWorld staff was beyond kind to our group of four veterinary students and allowed them to interact with dolphins, aquarium fish, rays, baby sharks, flamingos, and Golden Conure chicks. They were even introduced to a famous Pacific dolphin, named Kai, who starred in Jaws 3. The SeaWorld veterinarian that met with the students took time out of his busy schedule to explain his job in immense detail and answered hundreds of questions from our extremely inquisitive group. The experience was far more enriching than the students had ever anticipated and will remain a fond and unforgettable memory for the rest of their lives.