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A New Guinea Singing Dog howling

Research Provides Hope For Singing Dogs Considered To Be On Brink Of Extinction

A recent international study discovered that the New Guinea singing dog, a population thought to be extinct in the wild, shares nearly its entire genetic identity with the New Guinea highland dog, a rarely seen wild population in the island’s high-altitude, mountain regions. According to Dr. Brian Davis, a co-senior author of the study and […]

Dr. Artem Rogovskyy working in the lab

CVMBS Researcher Receives Award Supporting Novel Lyme Disease Diagnostic Test

Dr. Artem Rogovskyy, an assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS), is a recipient of the Bay Area Lyme Foundation’s 2020 Emerging Leader Award for his interdisciplinary work in developing a rapid, highly sensitive, portable, cost-effective, and single sample-based Lyme disease (LD) diagnostic assay. LD is a tick-borne […]

Leif Andersson

Texas A&M Researcher Sheds Light On Genetic Mechanisms Of Sex Determination

An international team of researchers led by Leif Andersson, a professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS), has been able to reconstruct the origins of the male sex chromosome in the Atlantic herring, determining that the male-specific region of this genetic storehouse contains only three genes: a sex-determining factor […]

Four researchers examine a tissue chip

Texas A&M Researchers Using Innovative Technology To Develop New Chemical Safety Testing Method

Rusyn and Chiu, professors in the College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (CVMBS) Department of Veterinary Integrative Biosciences (VIBS), received nearly $800,000 for the study “Integrating tissue chips, rapid untargeted analytical methods and molecular modeling for toxicokinetic screening of chemicals, their metabolites and mixtures.” This three-year project aims to use biological, analytical, and modeling […]

Dr. Erin Scott examines a dog's eyes

Texas A&M Researchers Develop Uveitis Treatment From Turmeric

Researchers at Texas A&M University have produced a therapeutic derived from turmeric, a spice long-praised for its natural anti-inflammatory properties, that shows promise in decreasing ocular inflammation in dogs suffering from uveitis, an inflammation of the eye that leads to pain and reduced vision. Uveitis—a common condition in dogs, humans, and other species—can have many […]

Three people treat a donkey

Harveigh’s Heroes Fund Upholds Aggie Tradition Of Selfless Service

A legacy of selfless service that started years ago during one natural disaster continues to help animals in need at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences’ (CVMBS) Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH). The most recent recipient of this support is a donkey named Jordan injured by the Onalaska tornado this spring. […]

A horse running

Big Choices: How TAMU Innovation Transformed Equine Fracture Treatment

In 1998, discovering a horse in the field with a fractured pastern joint was a grim affair, especially for an owner like Ake Eriksson, who says his horses are more family members than animals. Unfortunately that’s what happened on June 19 of that year, when Eriksson learned that his horse, Choices Unlimited, had a shattered […]

A row of Veterinary Emergency Team trucks lined up under a clear blue sky

Texas A&M VET Returning Home After Texas Spared Worst Of Hurricane Laura

BEAUMONT, TEXAS, Aug. 27, 2020—After assessing Jefferson County for their veterinary medical needs following Hurricane Laura’s landfall, the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team (VET) is returning to College Station. According to VET director Dr. Wesley Bissett, Jefferson County could not have handled their disaster preparedness any better. “The VET deployed to Jefferson County based on […]

Veterinary Emergency Team Trucks lined up to deploy

Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team Heading To Jefferson County To Support Laura Recovery

Fifteen members of the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team (VET) and six Texas A&M AgriLife agents will be serving Jefferson County residents affected by Hurricane Laura, which is projected to make landfall along the Texas coast. Team members will leave Bryan-College Station on the morning of Thursday, Aug. 27, to Jefferson County, Texas, where they […]

Dr. Bonnie Beaver

AVMA Recognizes Beaver For Contributions To Organizational Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Bonnie Beaver, a professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVMBS), has been honored with the 2020 AVMA Award for her contributions to veterinary medicine and her outstanding leadership in professional veterinary organizations. AVMA Awards are presented annually by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in recognition of one […]

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