Texas A&M VET Returning Home After Texas Spared Worst Of Hurricane Laura

Story by Aubrey Bloom, CVMBS Communications

A row of Veterinary Emergency Team trucks under a clear, blue sky

BEAUMONT, TEXAS, Aug. 27, 2020—After assessing Jefferson County for their veterinary medical needs following Hurricane Laura’s landfall, the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team (VET) is returning to College Station.

According to VET director Dr. Wesley Bissett, Jefferson County could not have handled their disaster preparedness any better.

“The VET deployed to Jefferson County based on their request, and it was the perfect thing for them to do, to anticipate damage and to be prepared. We were very fortunate, and really all of Texas was very fortunate, that the impact here was not as bad as anticipated, our services aren’t needed, and we’re able to return home,” Bissett said.

“The big thing isn’t that we were lucky or that we were fortunate—it’s that we were prepared,” he said. “Jefferson County was prepared and the state of Texas was prepared; that’s what preparation does—it gets you through these times.”

Bissett said that even though Texas was fortunate, the thoughts of the team are with those who weren’t as lucky.

“We’re thinking about our friends in Louisiana,” Bissett said. “We’ve been in touch with the veterinary community in that state and will continue to monitor the situation there.”

The VET departed College Station before sunrise and arrived in Jefferson County on Thursday morning.


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