Setting The Pace

Although Dr. Ashley Saunders regularly implants canine pacemakers, she found herself confronted by multiple challenges as she worked through the night to save Birdie’s life. Story by Megan Myers When Birdie arrived at the Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital (SAH) with an extremely low heart rate, Dr. Ashley Saunders knew that immediate action was necessary […]


Faculty and staff at the Texas A&M Center for Educational Technologies work to enhance the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine curriculum through active-learning activities that draw from actual Small Animal Hospital cases.

Engineering New Possibilities

  For decades, biomedical engineers have used their acumen to revolutionize healthcare through the development of devices, tools, equipment, techniques, and pharmaceuticals that have advanced the medical field in ways previously unimaginable. While patients around the world have benefited from this ingenuity, those patients almost exclusively have had one thing in common—they’ve all been human. […]

Dr. Ashley Saunders Adds New Dimension to Cardiology Prep, Training

Anyone who has ever seen an ultrasound knows how difficult the images can be to interpret. Many soon-to-be parents have squinted at an ultrasound of their unborn child, asking the doctor, “What is it? That there?”   This situation is also a reality for many veterinary students. When students learn to interpret images of an […]

Matters of the Heart: Hypertension

One out of every three adults has high blood pressure or hypertension. As with humans, this health problem is seen in cats and dogs.Primary hypertension occurs when the blood pressure is higher than normal with no other cause. Secondary hypertension, however, occurs when the blood pressure is higher than normal as a result from a […]

Matters of the Heart: Congenital Heart Disease

Humans and animals often have similar health problems.  One example of this is Congenital Heart Disease. Congenital Heart Disease refers to a problem the animal is born with.  There are multiple types of Congenital Heart Disease: valve malformations or dysplasia, valve narrowing or stenosis, abnormal openings between the heart chambers or septal defects, and patent […]

Staying in Pace with Pacemakers

What would you do if your pet’s heart suddenly stopped working properly? February is the month of National Heart Awareness and Valentine’s Day. February should also be a reminder for pet owners to educate themselves on their pet’s heart health. The best place to start is your veterinarian. If your pet has an irregular heartbeat […]

Cardiac Problems in Pets

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, worldwide. Pet owners should also be concerned for the hearts of their beloved animal friends. The heart is a complex organ, and it is important to be aware of the heart diseases a pet can develop and to know what to look […]


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