Genome Study Reveals 30 Years Of Darwin’s Finch Evolution

A landmark study on contemporary evolutionary change in natural populations released by an international team of researchers led by Texas A&M University professor Dr. Leif Andersson reveals that 45% of the variation in the highly heritable beak size of Darwin’s finches can be attributed to only six genomic loci (fixed positions on a chromosome). Among […]

Texas A&M Researchers Show Endangered Parrot Species Is Thriving In Urban Areas

A Texas A&M-led research team has discovered that a population of endangered red-crowned parrots is thriving in urban areas of South Texas. The parrots are a unique case, considering that many animal species are affected negatively by the expansion of human urban areas, which can lead to deforestation and pollution of natural habitats. These mostly […]

Texas A&M Researcher Hatches New Technology To Save Endangered Birds

The so-called “smart eggs,” designed to look like bird eggs, carry sensors that capture information necessary for artificial incubation. A researcher from the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS) is creating unique data collection devices to promote reproduction in endangered bird populations. The devices, designed to look like bird eggs, carry […]

Don’t Fly Blind When It Comes To Bird Nutrition

Picky eaters come in all shapes and sizes, and our avian friends are no exception. Despite birds’ tendency to favor some foods over others, creating a balanced diet is a crucial factor to pet bird ownership. Dr. Ashley Navarrette, a clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, offers […]

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together: Social Behaviors Of Birds, Part 2

While the bond between an animal and their human is important, considering the relationships between pets—in both interspecies and same species interactions—also is an important part of making sure your home is a happy and healthy environment. Some bird species, including parrots, chickens, canaries, and pigeons, are very flock oriented and are often adopted and […]

Birds Of A Feather Flock Together: Social Behaviors Of Birds, Part 1

Pet owners often form close bonds with their animal companions. Owners of feathered friends might be pleased to learn that this relationship is reciprocal, as birds can form strong bonds with their owners and other non-human members of their household. Debra Turner, aviary manager of the Schubot Center for Avian Health at the Texas A&M […]

Feeling Peckish: Nutritional Disease in Pet Birds

A proper avian diet goes beyond the colorful bags of grocery-store seed commonly associated with bird food. Failure to meet a pet bird’s nutritional requirements can lead to nutrient deficiencies and diseases with severe health consequences. Dr. Jill Heatley, an associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, explains the […]

Providing Enrichment for a Pet Bird

Birds make beautiful, entertaining, and intelligent pets. Caring for them can be rewarding, but also challenging, especially when it comes to keeping them mentally stimulated and energized. With 20 years of experience as an aviary manager, Debra Turner, a senior research associate at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, has advice […]

Grappling with grackles

We’ve all seen and heard them—lurking in well-lit, open areas, swooping down from trees, lining up on power lines, and pecking at food left on the ground. Great-tailed grackles are notorious for congregating in our most frequented parking lots and city parks, but have you ever considered the diseases these pesky birds may carry? Dr. […]

Training your pet parrot

The benefits of training a pet parrot extend well beyond the entertainment value of owning a talking bird who can do entertaining tricks. Training strengthens the bond between owner and parrot, provides companionship, and increases the health and well-being of the parrot. Connie Woodman is a bird enthusiast and a graduate student at the Texas […]


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