A K-9’s Courage

Search and recovery dog Remington is now enjoying retirement thanks to the care he received from the Small Animal Hospital’s Oncology Service. It was a training day like any other when Rachael Crivelli noticed that her dog Remington, a search and recovery canine for the Navasota Fire Department, developed a limp after slipping during an […]

Challenging The Norms

Dr. Michael Golding’s approach to his work both in the lab and the classroom is predicated by asking the questions very few people consider. Story by Courtney Adams Today, anybody who sells alcoholic beverages must adhere a label to their product with the following statement: “GOVERNMENT WARNING: (1) According to the Surgeon General, women should […]

A Passion For People And Pets

“I’m one of those students who decided they were going to be a veterinarian when they were 5 years old,” Monica Pickett said. Along with the love for animals that unites all veterinarians, Pickett’s calling is largely based on her desire to interact with clients, and is as much about the people as the pets. […]

The Power Of Persistence

The road to veterinary school is, by nature, dauntless and difficult. While many students are fortunate to gain entrance on their first attempt, some students face additional obstacles they must overcome in order to pursue their dream of becoming a veterinarian. Alicia Robinson, from Wills Point, Texas, applied three times before being accepted to the […]

Steady In The Storm

Disasters that endanger animals come in many guises. Some come in the form of natural disasters like Tropical Storm Imelda, which severely flooded 13 Texas counties in September 2019. In rural Chambers County alone, approximately 100 cattle, horses, dogs, and cats were rescued and/or treated for floodwater-related injuries. An additional 4,000 head of livestock were […]

Healing With Love

Zachary and Victoria Grimsley had only been engaged for a few months when they began applying to veterinary schools. They met as animal science majors at Texas Tech University—where she had won a National Championship in wool judging and he participated on the meat judging team—and they knew that whatever veterinary school they ultimately chose, […]

Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Cure

For Duc Nguyen, research is one of the most fascinating aspects of veterinary medicine. While he initially intended to be a child behavioral psychologist when he began studying psychology at the University of Houston, in the final year of his undergraduate degree, Nguyen suddenly realized that his true passion was for animals and veterinary medicine. […]

Leadership Lessons

While many Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students were not Aggies before they were admitted to veterinary school, they fully embrace the Aggie Core Values as they step into the Veterinary & Biomedical Education Complex (VBEC) to begin the next step in their educational journeys. A select few go on to demonstrate their commitment to […]

Countryside Care

Kale Johnson and Elizabeth Lake come from opposite ends of the spectrum. Johnson, who hails from a rural community with a population of less than 2,200 in the Texas Panhandle, grew up around a variety of livestock. In comparison, Lake, who was raised in the heart of Dallas, primarily spent her early years around dogs […]

Cut From The Same Cloth

Veterinary medicine runs in the Tabone family. Growing up in Colleyville, Amanda Tabone spent much of her free time at the veterinary hospital where both her father, veterinarian George Tabone ’93, and mother, veterinary nurse Katy Tabone, were employed. “I spent a good portion of my summers at the hospital, even starting in late elementary […]


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