Today’s Research, Tomorrow’s Cure

For Duc Nguyen, research is one of the most fascinating aspects of veterinary medicine. While he initially intended to be a child behavioral psychologist when he began studying psychology at the University of Houston, in the final year of his undergraduate degree, Nguyen suddenly realized that his true passion was for animals and veterinary medicine. […]

Leadership Lessons

While many Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) students were not Aggies before they were admitted to veterinary school, they fully embrace the Aggie Core Values as they step into the Veterinary & Biomedical Education Complex (VBEC) to begin the next step in their educational journeys. A select few go on to demonstrate their commitment to […]

Countryside Care

Kale Johnson and Elizabeth Lake come from opposite ends of the spectrum. Johnson, who hails from a rural community with a population of less than 2,200 in the Texas Panhandle, grew up around a variety of livestock. In comparison, Lake, who was raised in the heart of Dallas, primarily spent her early years around dogs […]

Cut From The Same Cloth

Veterinary medicine runs in the Tabone family. Growing up in Colleyville, Amanda Tabone spent much of her free time at the veterinary hospital where both her father, veterinarian George Tabone ’93, and mother, veterinary nurse Katy Tabone, were employed. “I spent a good portion of my summers at the hospital, even starting in late elementary […]

Eyes On The Prize

The majority of Texas A&M veterinary students go on to careers in general practice, but some become so enthralled with specific branches of medicine that they decide to dedicate their entire careers to that field. Such is the case with Annalis Cigarroa, Maria Granello, and Hunter Enderle, who plan to take their professional aspirations to […]

The Sky’s The Limit

Jillian Villalva has always been fascinated with birds. “As a kid, my parents would lose me when we were walking places because I would see some bird and want to follow it to figure out what it was doing,” said the fourth-year veterinary student. Growing up in Portland, Oregon, the force that drew her to […]

Taking The Bull By The Horns

Unlike with many of his peers, veterinary medicine wasn’t Timothy Turner’s first career choice. “I wanted to be an astronaut first, but when I was 10, I was fishing with my grandpa, and we found a big piece of metal in Lake Nacogdoches,” he said. “We started asking around to find out what it could […]

A Heart of Gold

Since making her first contribution to the Small Animal Hospital in honor of an Aggie veterinarian, Janel Griffey has decided to help other pets receive the same quality of care her dogs have received by establishing Emma’s Fund. Janel Griffey is not an Aggie, but Texas A&M has her heart. Her connection to the university […]

A Canine Connection

Through her Dogs Helping Dogs laboratory, Dr. Unity Jeffery studies common canine diseases to improve veterinary care in the future. If you ask for Dr. Jeffery at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), you’ll need to be more specific. Dr. Nick Jeffery and Dr. Unity Jeffery are a husband-and-wife team […]

Learning in the Lab

The Texas A&M Gastrointestinal Laboratory has provided veterinary student Marshal Covin with opportunities to explore and expand upon his classroom studies. Marshal Covin, a second-year veterinary student at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), never expected a simple “howdy” to lead to countless opportunities for advancing his veterinary career. But […]


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