Unwelcome Invaders: Handling The Threat Of Ticks

The mere mention of the word “ticks” may send shivers down the spines of all within earshot. These minuscule parasites have garnered an infamous reputation for latching onto the flesh of cherished pets and unsuspecting owners, alike, on their summer morning walks through grassy trails.  Despite their seemingly harmless size, ticks can carry various diseases […]

Greenlighting Cancer Research: New Insulinoma Treatment Gives Beloved Dog Second Chance At Life

You never know when the relationships you make in school will turn into lasting friendships…or when those friendships could end up saving a life. For Dr. Kelley Thieman Mankin and Dr. Heather Hendrickson, a small animal veterinarian in St. Louis, Missouri, their friendship began during veterinary school at the University of Missouri. “We were in […]

July Fourth Pet Safety

The anticipated celebration of America’s Independence Day calls for an annual celebration full of fireworks, grilling, and cheers. Amid the fun-filled chaos, however, sometimes lies the overlooked care of pets that may have a contrasting and much more fear-filled perspective of the Fourth of July. Dr. Christine Rutter, a clinical associate professor of emergency and […]

Alternatives To Walking Your Dog In The Summer

Walking your dog daily is an excellent activity for dogs and owners, alike, because it brings mental and physical stimulation to your pet and creates an unbreakable bond between you and your furry friend. However, as summer approaches and the temperature begins to rise, owners should be aware of the risks associated with walking pets […]

New Dog Aging Project End-Of-Life Survey Offers Support To Dog Owners

Illness, disease and quality of life are linked with euthanasia more so than dog age, the survey found. Deciding when it’s time to say goodbye to a beloved furry friend is never easy, even when the animal in question may be suffering from low quality of life due to age or illness. The question for […]

Caring For Dogs With Special Needs

Special-needs dogs exist on a spectrum that may include those with physical impairments — such as missing, deformed, or paralyzed limbs; blindness; or deafness — with behavioral issues such as separation anxiety or situational fears, or with medical diagnoses like chronic illnesses, diabetes, or allergies. While incredibly rewarding companions, dogs with special needs require a […]

The ABCs Of CBD For Pets

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become popular in recent years thanks to the marketing of its potential health benefits. So it’s no surprise that pet owners are turning to CBD as a remedy for various ailments in their furry companions. Yet because there is little evidence on the effectiveness and safety of CBD in animals, Dr. […]

How Important Is Breed To Your Dog’s Health? New Dog Aging Project Study Offers Surprising Findings

Some of the most common reasons owners take their dogs to the vet have little or nothing to do with breed. Many people assume that purebred dogs are more prone to disease than mixed-breed dogs, but a new study by the Dog Aging Project and led by researchers at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary […]

Snake Alert: What To Do If Your Pet Is Bitten

Spring has sprung, but flowers may not be the only things popping up in your yard; this also is the season when snakes come out of hibernation. There are almost 3,000 different species of snakes in the world, with less than a third considered venomous, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service. However, […]

Australian Shepherd Receives Three Life-Saving Surgeries At Texas A&M Veterinary Hospital

An 8-year-old Australian Shepherd named Ollie survived a monthlong onslaught of unexpected health emergencies thanks to the veterinarians, staff, and students at the Texas A&M Small Animal Teaching Hospital (SATH). During her time at the SATH, Ollie received three life-saving surgeries that began with treatment for bladder stone complications but ended with dangerous blood clots. […]


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