From Africa To Texas: A Holistic View Of Wildlife Conservation

“Nothing prepared me for the first time we were riding in the back of a truck and they pulled up in a field and said, ‘All right, the animal is down; go in and get it,’” said Emma Haschke, reflecting on her study abroad trip to Africa. “We would just hop off of the truck […]

Renowned Elephant Conservationist Visits CVM To Discuss Animal Tourism, Abuse

When world-renowned elephant conservationist Lek Chailert was a child, she witnessed animal abuse in her home country of Thailand, often stemming from animal-centered tourism. So, when she had the chance to do something about it, she did. In 1995, three years after she rescued her first elephant, she started Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Chiang […]

International Programs at the CVM

Destiny Mullens’ favorite question to ask during her international experience in Europe was, “How many languages do you speak?” She discovered that most people with whom she talked spoke three languages, although one person spoke seven. Mullens, a senior biomedical sciences (BIMS) major, participated in a spring 2015 study abroad program in Germany, organized by the […]

Students from Barcelona Gain Valuable Experience at Texas A&M

Many students travel abroad for the chance to expand their knowledge and dive right into a new culture, language, and education system. Though all the Barcelona students agreed that these opportunities convinced them to study abroad at the Texas A&M; College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), one of the biggest impacts on the […]


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