Turtles and tortoises as pets

If you’re looking for a unique, low-cost pet that enjoys a relaxed lifestyle, a pet turtle or tortoise may be for you. What is the difference between turtles and tortoises? Most turtles have webbed feet or flippers and primarily live in water, while tortoises primarily live on land and do not have webbed feet. In […]

Before adopting a pet rabbit, make sure you are committed

If you’re looking for a new furry friend this spring, then a pet rabbit may be for you. However, Selena Zalesak, a veterinary student at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, says before making that commitment, it is best to do your research. “Rabbit purchases are very popular around Easter,” Zalesak […]

Snakes as pets (2018)

If you’re not into furry animals with four legs, perhaps a pet snake might be able to “slither” into your heart. Some people may feel squirmy around snakes, but these reptiles offer company and stress relief for many people. Snakes are also low maintenance; they do not require daily walks and they are quiet during […]

Why did the turtle cross the road

Have you ever wondered why turtles cross the road? There are a few reasons why these slow-pokes venture into the street, but no matter their agenda, we should be cautious of their presence while driving. “Turtles often cross the road after rain events,” said J. Jill Heatley, associate professor at the Texas A&M College of […]

Ferret Distemper

While it is not legally required by law to vaccinate pet ferrets for canine distemper, it is imperative for pet owners to protect their ferrets against this fatal and highly contagious disease. Exotic mammals, like ferrets, are susceptible to diseases that affect many domestic pets, including the canine distemper virus. Ferrets are highly susceptible to […]

Snakes as Pets

Between the puppy lovers, the cat enthusiasts and the furry rodent fans, a whole different category of pet owners exist: reptile lovers. From turtles to geckos, lizards to snakes, taking care of any reptile is a unique experience. With many safe breeds to choose from, snakes are a popular choice for those who are interested […]

Rats as Pets

Although cats and dogs may be the most common types of pets, for many other pet owners, animal companionship doesn’t stop there. In honor of World Rat Day on April 2nd, here are the ins and outs of caring for a rat as a pet. “Rats are probably the most social and interactive of the […]

Pets That Don’t Need a Halloween Costume

As you maneuver through the aisles of elaborate costumes at your nearest Halloween store, you are bound to come across various costumes for your furry friend. A pumpkin for your pug, a hat for your black cat, or a hot dog for your Dachshund—there are numerous Halloween costumes that include your pets in the spooky […]

Pet Snakes: Slithering Their Way Into, Or Out Of, Your Heart

For some animal lovers, watching these exotic creatures slither across the Animal Planet screen isn’t enough; you want to bring the thrill of snake ownership into your own home. While they seem exciting and manageable through a television screen or from behind a glass wall, there are a few things that every aspiring snake owner […]

Living with Lizards

You love pets. You may have grown up around dogs and cats, or even horses. You are ready for the responsibility that owning an animal entails. However, you want something a bit more unusual than the normal pets of choice. Why not try a pet lizard? According to Teresa Shisk-Saling, registered veterinary technician at the […]


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