Venomous Snakes of Texas

Texans are no strangers to snakes, especially during the summertime when many of them are out and about. Copperhead, Coral, Cottonmouth, and Rattler: these are the names given to the four species of venomous snakes in Texas. It is a good idea to educate others as well as yourself about these snakes, and how to […]

When The Snakes Come Marching In

Winter is gone, spring is finally here and most of us cannot wait to get outdoors and explore what nature has to offer! Springtime weather in Texas is perfect for hiking, trail riding, water skiing, fishing, and floating the river. During these activities, we need to be especially careful about the snakes that have been […]

Captive Bred vs Wild Caught

“Mom can I keep it?” is a question typically heard in reference to some type of wild animal such as a turtle or a lizard, especially by a child who is on the lookout for a pet. There is often controversy between reptile pet owners, over whether people should buy wild caught, or captive bred […]

Reptilian Feeding Frenzy

Having a reptile as a pet is quite different from owning a dog or a cat, since feeding is relatively simple in the canine and feline world. After adopting your first snake, lizard, or other reptilian pet, there is typically a controversy over what the correct method of feeding is for the animal. Many reptilian […]

Exotic Pets and Children

Depending on your family’s lifestyle, the responsibility of taking care of a cat or dog may be too time consuming. Left with the desire for a pet but time constraints that aren’t conducive to a cat or dog, some people think that getting a “pocket pet”, reptile, or another exotic animal might seem like the […]


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