Amputating a pet’s limb

For many pet owners, the thought of their furry friend losing a limb can be scary or sad. However, pets with certain conditions, such as bone cancer, can benefit from amputating a limb. In fact, in some situations, amputation can actually improve a pet’s quality of life. Dr. Jacqueline Davidson, clinical professor at the Texas […]

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

Hip dysplasia, a condition that results from poor joint and bone health, can significantly alter your dog’s quality of life. Though larger breeds like Labrador retrievers, Mastiffs and German Shepherds are especially prone to hip dysplasia, dogs of all ages and breeds can develop the painful condition. Genetics often takes the blame, but there are […]

Benefits of Exercising with your Dog

As the semester rolls on and tests pile up many students begin changing their daily routine to one that is more study friendly and, unfortunately, usually more desk-bound. What most students do not realize is that while your dog lies next to you on the couch day after day, it is being robbed of exercise […]

Prosthetic Limbs for Dogs

Prosthetic intervention has been used for many years in human rehabilitation to achieve mechanical and rehabilitative goals, that is, to stand up and walk again. The use of these prosthetic limbs for dogs and other pets has been limited in veterinary medicine although published case reports have existed for over 40 years. “The use of […]


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