Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Chicks and bunnies are very cute, especially when associated with Easter baskets and bows. However, their baby-like appearance can sometimes lead to an impulsive decision to bring one home as a pet without considering that they will need to be cared for during their entire lives. “An impulse pet is always a bad purchase,” warns […]

What To Know Before Visiting A Dog Park

The concept behind public dog parks is an exciting one for dogs and owners alike, where fresh air and playfulness are plentiful. Because public dog parks are accessible by anyone, each trip proves to be a different experience, hosting a range of different interactions for a pet. Visiting a park is a social activity, and […]

Fire is Your Pet’s Worst Friend

It’s still tailgating time, Thanksgiving is here, and in a few weeks it will be Christmas time. Outdoor grills, fireplaces, and electrical appliances pose a risk to our pets that shouldn’t be overlooked. So don’t spoil the happiness of the season and take into account these pieces of advice for your pet and fire safety. […]

Mosquito Borne Illnesses

2010 has been the hottest year on record in the United States so far. The sweltering heat mixed with the wet summer days has increased mosquito activity. As mosquito season is still lurking, there are some important diseases associated with mosquitoes that can be transmitted to humans and pets that everyone needs to be aware […]

Hydration Habits

Summer is here and most people seem to flock toward water whether it be the swimming pool out back or the beach. These activities go hand and hand with the importance to stay hydrated with clean and fresh water. Our dogs however, don’t know the difference between a Dasani and a toilet bowl. Many people […]

Does Your Pet Need A Summer Shave?

The summer weather in Texas can become almost unbearable, especially here in the Brazos Valley. It’s the kind of weather that makes you realize how difficult it would be to survive without air conditioning. We Texans may complain about the intense summer heat, but probably won’t suffer near as much as pets that spend more […]

Are People Hazards to Pets?

Dogs, cats, and other pets are a special blessing to the lives of humans. Pets are sometimes provided to the sick and dying to provide comfort, and trained to assist the elderly and disabled in their daily activities. Pets clearly fill the role for companionship and positive emotions in humans. They also provide an opportunity […]

Easter Pets

Baby animals are a symbol of spring and renewal. Every year, feed and pet stores sell chicks and bunnies to parents as Easter presents for their children. While these pets are adorable, they are animals and must be taken care of for the rest of their lives. “An impulse pet is always a bad purchase,” […]

Dog Bites

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. While this is an alarming statistic, most of these bites are preventable. “Human behavior is a major factor in dog bites,” explains Dr. Mark Stickney Director of General Surgery Services at the Texas A&M University College of […]

Pet Vaccinations

Even though they may be taken for granted, pet vaccinations are vital for your pet. Properly vaccinating your pet is a very important part of pet care because vaccines can potentially help protect your pet against some serious health conditions and diseases. “Vaccines are a suspension of altered microorganisms which will prevent, lessen, or treat […]


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