Having A Pet-Safe Howl-o-ween

Holidays are enjoyable occasions for animals and owners alike, but they do provide a disruption in routine that introduces new variables into a pet’s environment. Rather than be haunted by the potential hazards that Halloween festivities may introduce, pet owners should be informed of possible risks before their spooky celebration so they and their pets […]

“Bee” Aware Of Insect Stings This Summer

The summer season offers many opportunities for pets and their owners to get outside and enjoy nature. These adventures can provide wonderful opportunities for enrichment, but blooming flowers, gardening, and spending more time outdoors can increase a pet’s exposure to stinging insects. Dr. Christine Rutter, a clinical assistant professor and emergency and critical care specialist […]

Having A Safe, Paw-triotic Fourth Of July

Independence Day is a lively, outdoor holiday that offers many opportunities to include your furry friend. Although these summer festivities can be enjoyable for both pet and person, owners should be wary of possible hazards associated with the celebration. Kate Kimble, a third-year veterinary student and student ambassador at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary […]

Hobby Hazards: Maintaining a Pet-Safe Environment

After spending part of March and all of April at home, many people are finding that their television queues are watched, their video games are won, and their chores are done (or avoided!). As they search for more creative ways to pass the time, hobbies like painting, embroidery, and jogging are making a resurgence. Though […]

Safety Tips For An Egg-cellent Easter

Though current circumstances might change the way we celebrate Easter this Sunday, many people are looking forward to the holiday and accompanying festivities as a break from the serious rhetoric of the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Murl Bailey, a professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (CVM), advises pet owners to […]

Tips for a Pet-Safe Howliday Season

It’s the time of year when a festive holiday spirit brings together friends and family in celebration, but this happy time can also bring unintentional hazards to your pet’s environment. Luckily, with advance preparation, most risks can be mitigated to ensure that your pet’s holiday experience is as joyful as any human’s! Kit Darling, infection […]

(Tur)Keys to a Pet-Friendly Thanksgiving Feast

Each Thanksgiving, we are brought together through food, community, and tradition to reflect on the year and give thanks. This holiday, pet owners can make sure they are showing appreciation to their furry friends by protecting them from any hazards these festivities may bring. Kit Darling, infection control coordinator at the Texas A&M College of […]

Fourth of July Pet Safety: Fireworks, Barbecues, Mosquitos, Oh My!

Many of us celebrate our nation’s Independence Day by barbecuing, relaxing with loved ones, and watching the bright-colored flashes of fireworks that light up the night sky. The Fourth of July may be a fun-filled holiday for you, but for pets, the holiday can potentially be scary and hazardous. Dr. Stacy Eckman, a clinical associate […]

Keep Pets Cool in the Summer Heat

Summer brings with it an expectation of sweltering temperatures, sometimes to the point of danger. As temperatures climb, remember that if you are hot, your pet is probably feeling even hotter. Dogs and cats generate more heat than people and usually also have a thick layer of fur to trap that heat inside. Dr. Christine […]

Tips for Safe Travel with Pets

Summer is the season for fun vacations with the whole family, often including pets. Before hitting the road, Kit Darling, infection control coordinator at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, has some helpful tips for keeping pets safe and calm during road trips, plane rides, and any other type of trip […]


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