Toxic Plants to Avoid at Home

Dogs and cats often nibble on plants in the house or yard, but not all plants are safe to be eaten. As you are shopping for plants this spring, keep in mind that many common options are very toxic, and even deadly, to pets. Murl Bailey, a professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary […]

Keep Outdoor Pets Safe and Warm

Winter weather can be both uncomfortable and dangerous for pets that spend a majority of their time outdoors. January and February are often the coldest months of the year, so it is important to be prepared to keep pets comfortable and safe during the cold temperatures. Cold weather affects pets the same way it does […]

Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is a special holiday that brings together a few of our favorite things—family, friends, and food. While your furry friend may be an important member of the family, it’s important to remember there are some traditions your pet shouldn’t take part in this Thanksgiving. According to Kit Darling, infection control coordinator at the Texas […]

Avoid mushroom poisoning in pets

Although commonly underestimated, mushroom intoxication ranks near the top of the list of pet poisonings each year. Of these deadly fungi, Death Cap mushrooms are the number one cause of fatal mushroom poisoning worldwide. Death Cap mushrooms are an invasive species that favor oak and pine trees. While they can be found across Texas, Death […]

Keep your pets safe this Halloween

Halloween is meant to be a fun festivity for all involved. However, for our furry friends, the holiday can turn into a frightful time. The tradition of trick-or-treating has long been a fun festivity for both children and adults. While we might appreciate the large assortment of chocolate and caramel, Kit Darling, infection control coordinator […]

Protect your pets from coyotes and other wild animals

Although most wild animals mind their business and don’t bother humans, some wild animals, such as coyotes, can wander into human environments and cause harm to pets. “It’s pretty amazing how much damage coyotes can do to pets, especially when you consider that coyotes are roughly the size of a domestic dog,” said Christine Rutter, […]

Does your horse need extra care this winter?

Texas may have mild winters, but that doesn’t mean temperatures can’t drop below freezing. On these cold days, how can you help your horses stay warm? In general, horses’ coats are enough to keep them warm in the winter, even in snowy weather, said Leslie Easterwood, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of […]

Thanksgiving 2017 Pet Safety

Although you may consider your pet a part of the family, there are many reasons why he should not join you at the dinner table during Thanksgiving. Dr. Stacy Eckman, clinical assistant professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, explained why. Turkey is often the main course of a Thanksgiving […]

Dog Park Etiquette

Does your dog need a change of scenery? Consider taking Fido to the dog park, where he or she can play, exercise, and socialize with other dogs and people. These activities can benefit your dog both physically and mentally. But that doesn’t mean Fido should be free to roam the park without your supervision. Kit […]

Keep your pets safe this Halloween

Children and adults may love the spooky traditions of Halloween, but our pets are less likely to appreciate the costumes, masks, and parties associated with Halloween night. Kit Darling, infection control coordinator at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, recommended a few tips to keep your pet safe this Halloween. “Keep […]


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