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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join Pre-Vet Society?

Joining the Pre-Vet Society is easy! Membership is open to any A&M student (including Blinn TEAM students) interested in veterinary medicine or finding out more about the field. To become a basic member, dues must be paid by the end of the semester and can join at any point. For students looking to go a step further, we offer distinguished membership. Distinguished member requires a student to pay dues, fill out the member contact document, attend a one-on-one, and receive 50 points by the set dates. All the following guidelines can be found under the membership tab.

How do I get 50 points?

There are many ways to get your 50 points for distinguished membership. Pre-Vet Society offers many opportunities to make sure all members have a good chance of achieving distinguished membership throughout each semester, although not all of theses events are offered in each semester (mock interviews only in fall, vet school open house only in spring). Listed below is the opportunities offered each semester with the corresponding point value:

  • Meetings: 4 points (last meeting is 5 points), socials are an additional point

  • Doggie day: 4 points

  • Big Trip: 7 points

  • Profit share receipts: 1 point per receipt (uncapped)

  • Mock interviews: 4 points (fall only)

  • One-on-one: 1 point

  • Aggieland Humane Society donations: 5 points capped (1 point per item)

  • Test bank: 1 point per test (capped at 4), unless that class is in high demand, we will offer more points

  • Handling clinics: 5 points

  • Alpaca day: 8 points

  • Big Event: 7 points (spring only)

  • Vet school open house (spring only), Relay for Life (spring only), Special Olympics, Weinerfest, PuppyUp: points depend on how many hours you sign up for

  • Volunteering: outside volunteering at shelters, clinics, community service are capped at 25 points (2 points per hour), any other hours will go towards scholarship points

  • Merchandise selling: 2 points per hour (capped at 4 points)

  • Project miller: 2 points per hour

  • Pet of the meeting: 1 point (can only get once a semester)

  • Driving members to events: 2 points per ride given to a member (this includes picking up and taking home)

Where will updates made by the organization be posted?

Updates made by the Pre-Vet Society will be posted on this website, emailed out through the listserv, and posted on social media pages (Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, and instagram). Feel free to follow us to keep yourself updated with any upcoming events/announcements.

When and where are meetings held?

Meeting dates, times, and locations will be on the website under the Calendar of Events tab. Typically we have meetings every other Thursday in VENI 106B (new vet school) and food starts being served at 7:10 pm and the meetings start at 7:30 pm. Sometimes locations will change, but keep an eye out on social media, your email, and this webpage to be aware of any changes.

I don’t have a ride to events and meetings, what should I do?

If you do not have a ride to an event of a meeting, never fear! Meetings will always be on campus, so there is a bus route (number 9) that takes you to the front of the new vet school. If you do not have a ride to an event, feel free to post a request on Facebook and another member can respond to give you a ride. Members can easily earn as much as 2 points per ride for giving rides to members to events, as long as it is properly documented on Facebook and a driver waiver form is filled out and turned it (located on link page). Then email the secretary at a picture. If that does not work out, please feel free to email or talk to an officer and we will help you out!

If I sign up for an event and do not attend, what will happen?

If you sign up for any event, for examples, one-on-one, Big Trip, or a merchandise selling shift and fail to show up without 24 hours notification, you will be deducted half the points you were supposed to earn at that event. If an emergency or something else comes up, we understand! Please email our Events Coordinator at and alert them of the situation 24 hours in advance. As long as you contact us within 24 hours of the start time of the event, you will not be deducted points.

What are my membership dues used for, and how do I pay them?

Membership dues go towards you (the member) in a variety of ways. Dues help cover reservations for events, meetings, socials, and help lower the costs of events that members have to pay for. Dues also go towards food, drinks, snacks, purchasing merchandise (membership t-shirts), scholarship funding, and needed printing.

I need animal/veterinary experience, what can I do?

Animal and veterinary experience can be obtained both individually and through Pre-Vet Society. The organization has events throughout the year, which allows members to gain exposure to different kinds of animals and the veterinary field, like the canine or equine handling clinics. Members are also encouraged to contact various groups such as the Reptile Hospice and Sanctuary of Texas or Urban Interface to gain individual volunteering experiences as well. Additionally, members gain experience by participating in our Shadow Program during the semester breaks.

What is the Shadow Program, and how does it work?

The Shadow Program is a program sponsored by the Pre-Vet Society for students of any major. Any distinguished, or basic member is eligible to apply, and applications go out towards the end of each semester (before the break) and students are matched to veterinarians within their area of their choosing and interest in which field. Members can pick from a list of clinics provided on the applications that are located over the state of Texas. There are small animal, large animal, exotics, specialty, and emergency clinics to chose from. Click here to learn more about the shadow program.

What are one-on-ones, and how do I schedule mine?

One-on-ones are just what they sound like. They are one-on-one meetings with one of the current officers, and are meant as an opportunity to talk about requirements for veterinary school and discuss any questions or concerns you may have about admission, school, or the Pre-Vet Society. Additionally, the organization is quite large and gives our officers a chance to get the know its members. One-on-ones are worth 1 points, and new members are required to schedule a one-on-one meeting as part of the distinguished membership requirements. Returning members may schedule a meeting for 1 extra point a semester. The schedule can be found under the membership tab in the distinguished membership section. Members have until the sunday at 5 pm before the week they wish to sign up for.

What is distinguished membership, and what does it entail?

Distinguished membership is awarded to members who have completed the following requirements:

  • Paid dues by the set deadline

  • Attended a one-on-one meeting with an officer at some point in their membership with Pre-Vet Society

  • Collected 50 points

  • Filled out member contact information sheet by set deadline

At the end of each semester, a list of all the distinguished members is sent to the dean of the vet school, and the top three members with the most points at the end of each semester will be awarded a scholarship.

I’m just a few points away from distinguished membership and due date is tomorrow, what are my options?

Waiting until the last minute to complete your points is highly unadvisable, but if you do find yourself in this situation, there are a couple of things you can do. You can submit tests into the Test Bank (if you haven’t already reached the limit), make a donation to Aggieland Humane Society (capped at 5 items), submit the volunteer hours (capped at 12.5 hours or 25 points), or turn in any profit share receipts.

How can I win a scholarship from Pre-Vet Society?

You can be eligible to win a scholarship from the Pre-Vet Society by being a distinguished member and accumulating points throughout the semester. We typically have members who reach over a hundred points. Most of the points can be gained through outside volunteering, but the first 12.5 hours will go towards your distinguished membership.